Successful CRF Open Day 2015

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Supporting ‘International Clinical Trials Day’

The CRF opened its doors to host a highly successful open day. It was well attended by patients and carers, health care professionals, academics and the general public. It provided a great opportunity to showcase the innovative research activities carried out throughout the CRF, Trust and University.

Talks varied greatly and covered a range of topics; the research and development process, the role of the NIHR CRN, the importance of patient and public involvement and engagement (PPI/E), how research is carried out on the CRF, and the implementation of research outcomes.

Highlights of the day included:-

One of the most popular talks was given by a patient who has been actively involved in mental health research. This lady spoke about her personal experiences of living with bipolar disorder; giving insight into how she copes with her illness, her clinical journey, and her experience of taking part in research.   

A stimulating talk given by Dr Jane Fossey the Associate Director of Psychological Services Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, illustrated how research outcomes can enhance clinical care by being implemented into community care. Dr. Fossey presented the successful WHELD trial; a 5 year study looking at ways to reduce the prescription of antipsychotics, reduce agitation, and improve the mental health and quality of life for people living with dementia in care homes.

Dr Ben Goldacre presented The Alltrials Campaign to a packed and overflowing room. In his talk Dr Goldacre emphasised the importance of reporting and publishing all data from clinical trials, and demonstrated how the underreporting of (usually negative) findings has led to less informed choices when evaluating medicines.

Other activities on the day included a range of posters presenting research from the WHELD trial, Truecolours, the new roles of the Research Assistants across the trust, CONBRIO, work on the CRF and the OK to ask campaign. As well as some fun interactive sessions including a competitive reaction time race.

“The success of the open day – and the increase in scale and attendance since last year -  clearly demonstrates that Oxford Health NHS FT is now engaging with research very seriously with a clear sense of purpose. Working with colleagues across the AHSC, NIHR nationally and internationally, I expect a further exponential growth over the forthcoming year – with delivery of real benefits for our patients”. Professor John Geddes, Head of the Department of Psychiatry.