International Clinical Trials Day

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The CRF had an open day to support ‘International Clinical Trials Day’ on May 20th

Our open house hosted a series of short talks illustrating a range of local research activity, including both current and planned research on the CRF. Staff, patients, carers and the public were all welcome.

Highlights included the following:-

The significant NIHR support for research was described by Dr Belinda Lennox, the Clinical Director of the NIHR Thames Valley and South Midlands Local Clinical Research Network.

Professor John Geddes, NIHR Senior Investigator, Director of the CRF and Head of the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry spoke to us about how the University and NHS can work together to facilitate research to the benefit of both.

Professor Simon Lovestone, Professor of Translational Neuroscience and Lead for the NIHR Translational Research Collaboration in Dementia, NIHR Senior Investigator, gave a talk highlighting the need to focus on the preclinical stage of dementia in order to speed up drug development and described planned studies, some of which will take place on the CRF.

Professor Guy Goodwin,W.A. Handley Chair of Psychiatry, NIHR Senior Investigator presented data from True Colours, a mood monitoring tool that has widespread clinical and research application potential.

We were delighted to hear also from a patient and a carer about their first hand experiences of taking part in clinical research, these were very informative accounts.

Further informative and interesting contributions were made by local research active nursing, medical and psychology colleagues.

We look forward to the next opportunity!